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Retail: Picking prime targets

Shopping centers and outlets present exceptional opportunities for investors looking to the long term, says Roland Fuchs, head of European real estate finance at Allianz Real Estate

Playing the generation game in retail

Retailers and retail landlords spend much time thinking about how to cater to millennials. Yet a growing older demographic is significantly underserved.

Five retail trends to watch

Navigating the sector in 2018 is a challenging task.

Savills Investment Management on riding the European retail wave

Not all retail assets are in structural decline. There are opportunities for attractive returns commensurate for the risk undertaken, argues Savills Asset Management's Kiran Patel.

The line between retail and logistics is blurring

The demarcation between retail and logistics is eroding and will impact future real estate decisions, writes James Markby, managing director of Logistics Capital Partners

Xander Group on shopping on the subcontinent

Indian retail is beginning to excite investors. Virtuous Retail South Asia’s chairman Siddharth Yog gives tips on how to crack a sector with enormous possibilities, but also daunting obstacles.

Retail: Four needle-moving deals

A closer look at four major transactions in the space from around the world – and why they matter.

Neinver on the outlet opportunity

Although still a niche asset class, outlets are an exciting investment prospect, says Vanessa Gelado, fund, strategy and investment director at Neinver.

Who’s looking for a REIT?

In the wake of two major retail real estate investment trust take-overs, Meghan Morris and Lisa Fu examine how ripe the M&A environment is for more deals.

Retail: Luxury comes back into fashion in Hong Kong

After a torrid four years, Hong Kong’s luxury retail market is bottoming out and attracting value-add investors.

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