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To sign-in to your PERE account, all you need is your work email address, no password required. It’s quicker, simpler and more secure, so you can access our analysis, research and industry updates with freedom, wherever and whenever you need to.

Need help signing-in?

  1. Search for in your inbox search bar.
  2. Nothing? Search for in your junk mail search bar.
  3. Still nothing? Please email to have a link sent directly.

You should only be asked to sign-in once, so this could be happening because you are signing-in from a browser other than your default browser. Please follow the below steps to prevent this from happening in future:

  1. Navigate to the PERE website using the browser you normally use and try to sign in.
  2. When you receive your verification email, right click the ‘click here’ text and copy the verification link.
  3. Paste this into the browser you normally use.
  4. You should not need to sign in again.
  5. Still having issues? Please email for assistance.
  1. Does the sign-in dropdown menu in the top right of your screen say Welcome [your name]?
  2. No? Sign-in using your work email address. You should only have to sign-in once.
  3. Yes? Has your email changed since purchasing the subscription? Please email for assistance.
  1. The link will expire in 2 hours. Do you know if a company firewall may prevent the message being released within that time?
  2. Yes? Have your IT team whitelist
  3. No? Please email for assistance.

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