PERE Fundraising Reports

The Fundraising Reports, from PERE Research and Analytics, analyse the current state of the private real estate fundraising market and detail the significant trends that affected the market in each quarter.

Fundraising Report 2019

PERE’s full-year 2019 presentation gives a closer look at some of the dramatic changes in fundraising that have occurred over the past year and half-decade.

Access PERE‘s interactive and downloadable 2019 Fundraising Report now to find out all the details.

The report includes:

  • Year-on-year fundraising, 2013-2019
  • Year-on-year fundraising by sector, 2014-2019
  • 2019 sector-specific fundraising breakdown
  • Strategy review: Logistics fundraising
  • Geography: Regional focus of capital, 2014-2019
  • Largest sector-specific funds, 1 January 2020

Fundraising Reports Archive

2019 Fundraising Reports

PERE Fundraising report Q1 2019

This report includes:

  • Year-on-year fundraising, 2014-19
  • Regional focus of capital raised, 2014-18
  • Top 10 largest funds to close, Q1 2019
  • Year-on-year fundraising for non-mega-funds
  • Fundraising for non-mega-funds compared to mega-funds, Q1 2014-Q1 2019
  • Largest funds in market, 1 April 2019; plus more
PERE H1 Fundraising report 2019

This report includes:

  • Fundraising overview
  • H1 largest fundraisers by funds closed
  • Geographical focus of private RE funds
  • Geographical focus of non-mega-funds
  • Time taken to close funds
PERE Fundraising report Q3

This report includes:

  • Year-on-year fundraising, 2012-2019
  • 2019 total fundraising estimate
  • Year-on-year fundraising by geography, 2012-2019
  • Largest Q3 closes
  • Number of funds in market by geography

2018 Fundraising Reports

PERE Q1 Fundraising report 2018

This report includes:

  • Analysis of private real estate fundraising from 2011 – Q1 2018
  • 10 largest fund closes in 2018 Q1
  • The PERE 50 ranking
  • The latest LP insights
PERE H1 fundraising report 2018

This report includes:

  • H1 2018 fundraising strategy breakdown
  • Capital raised for equity v for debt
  • Five largest value-add funds in market, 1 July 2018
  • Regional focus on capital raised in H1 2018
  • Largest funds in market as of 1 July 2018
PERE Q3 Fundraising report 2018

This report includes:

  • Largest fund closes, Q1-Q3 2018
  • Strategy review: Retail-specific funds
  • Q1-Q3 2018 fundraising strategy breakdown
  • Regional focus on capital raised Q1-Q3 2018
  • Funds in market, 1 October 2018; plus more
PERE Annual fundraising report 2018

This report includes:

  • Year-on-year fundraising, 2012-18
  • Regional focus of capital raised 2014-18
  • Strategy breakdown for 2018 funds
  • 10 largest funds in the market as of Jan 1,2019
  • Asia-Pacific fundraising breakdown

Our methodology

Our unique market access means LPs and GPs take our calls and answer our questions. So our investor and fund data is constantly maintained and kept fresh. We constantly monitor multiple news sources and regulatory filings to ensure that our LP profiles and GP profiles database are up to date with current events.

Also, interviews, insight and analysis from PERE’s journalists are delivered alongside the raw facts and figures giving you the full picture on LPs and GPs.

Our R&A team

PERE has teams of researchers and analysts based in London, New York and Hong Kong, who are in constant contact with investors and fund managers across the world.

Our researchers are also on hand to conduct bespoke research requests and respond to client queries. So, if you need an update on a particular LP or GP profile, you can contact us by phone or ask a question online and we’ll get back to you from one of our three offices.


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