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Real estate is adding CDOs to its c-suite now

Forward-thinking firms searching for chief data officers will encounter a tough hiring market, but the competition is worth it.

For Blackstone, two heads are better than one

Sharing roles can sometimes be a temporary arrangement, but the New York-based firm has good reasons for wanting to continue the dual leadership structure within its real estate business.

In the event of an emergency, leave your real estate alone

Approximately $1.25trn was wiped from the value of US stocks on Monday alone, but way more damage would need to be inflicted before investors will be adjusting their bricks and mortar exposures.

Private real estate must get the point about gender discrimination

Fear of losing money, warnings to be on best behavior or considering skipping events are misguided reactions to the events at the President’s Club charity dinner.

More regulatory turbulence strikes Chinese outbound investors

The country’s latest regulatory blow, targeting offshore subsidiaries of Chinese companies, is a clear signal that restrictions on outbound investment are intensifying.

Behind Bain’s late arrival to the market

The timing of the private equity giant’s real estate entrance seems counterintuitive on first glance. But the firm obeys its own rule book for determining when to get involved.

Courtland’s conflict resolution challenge

As part of StepStone Real Estate, the Cleveland, Ohio-based real assets consultant will now have to contend with some of the criticisms that have faced its industry rival, Townsend Group.

MSREI’s G9 fund: it almost never happened

Morgan Stanley’s $2.7bn haul for its ninth global opportunity fund is significantly lower than the series’ biggest fundraising. But given how close it came to extinction, the series is moving in the right direction.

LOOK AHEAD 2018: ‘Tsunami of aging people’ spurs greater need for alternative property types

A greying US population accelerates demand for, and equity and debt interest in, senior housing and medical office real estate, says Al Rabil, chief executive of Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisors.

LOOK AHEAD 2018: ‘Risk off’ with selective focus on growth areas  

Anne Gales, founding partner at Capital advisory firm Threadmark sees four strategies in Europe that should resonate with investors and managers keen to minimise risk next year.