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Major urban developers and asset managers, with their deep pockets, need to take the reins of urban sustainability efforts to reach mandates from regulators as well as investors.
Real estate needs to embrace new technologies and new approaches if it is to hit sustainability targets, say Edge’s Coen van Oostrom and Macquarie Asset Management’s Brendan Jones.
A view of Earth from space withh digital connections bouncing from satellites
Technology is lighting the path toward democratized real estate investing.
Hong Kong UBS Blue Owl retail investment
The venture capital manager has hired its first executive in the region to strengthen local partnerships and help investee companies gain a global footing.
Investors are increasingly turning to machine learning and data analysis tools to assess risk, and find cities with untapped potential.
Investors in the EMEA and APAC regions are looking to core cities with tight supply.
Two senior members of APG’s real estate team discuss how they assess the performance of their digital colleague Samuel.
As innovation continues, private real estate owners and investors can expect to see the regulatory and social structures remain dynamic for years to come, writes Jennifer Waters.
Blockchain technology has the power and capabilities to transform the private real estate market, writes Kyle Hagerty.
Data collection and management is a significant challenge for asset owners seeking to improve sustainability performance.

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