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Brentwood Associates will sell the consumer-product company to Carlyle after a hotly contested auction.
Standard Chartered Private Equity has invested HK$370 million in a Chinese real estate development company, its second investment in a mainland China property in less than two months.
CAPITAL WATCH 2006-07-01 Staff Writer <strong>FUNDS IN MARKET/COMING TO MARKET</strong><br /> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>FUND</strong></td> <td><strong>FIRM</strong></td>
As the economies of Asia take flight, PERE takes a trip around the region to look at the residential markets of China, Japan and India— what is making them tick, what do buyers want and how can foreign funds participate? By Aaron Lovell
As real estate investors compete for increasingly scarce opportunities, the need for due diligence to be conducted quickly has never been greater. By Dave Keating
2005 Macquarie makes history with a Shanghai office acquisition
2004 After many trials and tribulations, Morgan Stanley helps the Isle of Dogs back onto its feet
Sydney-based AMP Capital has raised just over A$200 million for its second private equity real estate fund, the largest ever in Australia.
As firms seek outsized returns, capital keeps finding its way to new, more interesting and sometimes more obscure markets. By Aaron Lovell
Though opportunity fund managers continue to bemoan the competitive state of the US market, their actions on the ground seem to contradict their words. By Paul Fruchbom

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