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As the most diverse region for real estate investors, the differing regimes of Asia-Pacific present a challenge for managers, especially where global capital is involved.
Investors put more pressure on American managers than regulators today. However, data security and capital gains tax may prove more of a headache in the future.
The region is crying out for affordable housing solutions, yet few private real estate groups have been able to offer one that works for buyers and their investors.
The emerging co-living sector taps into demand for affordable housing solutions in gateway cities and from young professionals who value experience more than assets.
Digital infrastructure development and changes to the hukou system are among the factors maintaining real estate momentum in China’s cities.
The forces assailing the market are not undermining its long-term potential, though they are hastening widespread structural changes.
Upheaval created by the coronavirus outbreak, the US-China trade war and ongoing financial reform are accelerating the speed of change.
In the short term, Hong Kong faces a number of issues, but in the longer term what matters is how it finds its place in China.
Nearly half of respondents in our Investor Perspectives 2020 survey believed such sales made managers less attractive investment partners.
Allocations look set to increase in 2020, and while most investors are holding steady on their strategy, many are inclined to take on more risk for higher returns.

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