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Crestview Partners, the new firm launched by Goldman Sachs veterans Barry Volpert and Thomas Murphy, has yet to formally announce a final close for its debut fund, but in statement announcing its first deal, the firm said it had amassed $1.4bn in commitments.
Flying nuns and fresh princes 2005-12-01 Staff Writer In the early 1920s, when Hollywood was still getting started in what writer Nick Toshes called “the dirty business of dreams,” movie studio tycoon Harry Cohn purchased a small studio situated on Sunset Boulevard, between Gower Street and Beachwood Drive.&
Keep on rockin' in the real estate world 2005-12-01 Staff Writer Over the past twelve months, it seems anybody that's anybody has jumped onto the real estate bandwagon. Celebrities like actor George Clooney to musicians like Madonna to reality show stars like Pamela Day, a contestant from the second season o
To sell or not to sell 2005-12-01 Staff Writer trend was really only seen in a handful of US markets. In fact, the term “Las Vegas Condo” became, in certain circles, crude shorthand for the exact sort of bets most private equity real estate firms do not want to make: expensive, risky, highly speculative and
Hotel Kabul 2005-12-01 Staff Writer Two big news stories this year have been the return of the hospitality industry and continuing conflict in the greater Middle East. Few perhaps expected to see them combined—but for the real estate industry, a problem is just an opportunity with a typo and luxury hotels ar
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation takes a diverse attitude to real estate.
CAPITAL WATCH 2005-12-01 Staff Writer <strong>FUNDS IN MARKET/COMING TO MARKET</strong><br /> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>FUND</strong></td> <td><strong>FIRM</strong></td>
Many real estate investors are discovering the promise of Central and Eastern Europe — perhaps too many. By Jonn Elledge
Following in his father's footsteps, Carmel Partners founder Ron Zeff has made a name for himself in the multifamily sector. He spoke with PERE about the influence of his father, his company's expansion and why repositioning an asset means more than new carpet and a paint job. By Aaron Lovell
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