The View: ‘Troubling questions from the end of QE’

In a two-minute video PERE senior editor Jonathan Brasse underscores the importance of the removal of fiscal stimulus for private real estate capital markets, as explored by senior reporter Meghan Morris in ‘The end of easy money’ this month.

 “I would go so far as to say it was the single most important factor in real estate capital markets for decades,” Sabina Kalyan, the global co-head of research for CBRE Global Investors, told PERE when interviewed for its analysis on the impact of tapering on private real estate financial markets.

Quantitative easing is coming to an end and the impact on an asset class that has benefited as much as any from the central banks’ mission to stimulate markets is a hot topic in the sector.

In ‘The end of easy money’ PERE’s Meghan Morris deep-dives into the debate surrounding this impact. Opinion is split as to how severe the removal of fiscal stimulus will be and Morris’s analysis shines a spotlight on both sides.

Whatever your perspective on the topic, undeniable is its importance. As  Michael Keogh, TH Real Estate’s research director, says: “This is the defining event of this generation – the whole reason that real estate and all real assets have performed so well. It’s unprecedented.”