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VIDEO I Allianz’s Trausch: My rising star, dark horse and falling knife markets

See what markets the head of real estate at the world's second largest institutional real estate investor has picked as outperforming, as an outside bet and as avoidable.

PERE asked Trausch to identify one market he would describe as ‘rising star’, one he would characterize as a ‘dark horse’ and one he would call a ‘falling knife’.

He picked China for the first of these, owing to its “pace and quality of growth,” which he said should outweigh concerns over the country’s current trade war with the US.

“There’s something to be said for mid-size cities very well connected to education,” he remarked on his ‘dark horse’ pick. “I do believe in the power of education.”

Central London offices were questioned as potential falling knives. He asked of the market in light of Brexit: “Will there be a correction?”

Allianz Real Estate was second in PERE’s Global Investor 50 ranking with $48.2 billion of equity committed to the asset class. To read more on the GI 50, click here.

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