Quotable – May 2008

There goes the neighborhood 2008-05-01 Staff Writer <strong>Quotable</strong><br /> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>“It's a company town. one way or another, pretty much everything is tied to the real estate industry.”</strong>


“It’s a company town. one way or another, pretty much everything is tied to the real estate industry.”
David Rattray, editor of the East Hampton Star, referring to competition among local newspapers for real estate classifed ads, as quoted in The New York Times
“It’s one sheik trying to outdo another.”
Marshall Gerometta, an editor at Emporis.com, referring to competing plans to build the world’s tallest building in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, respectively, as quoted in Condé Nast Portfolio “As an LP, I don’t like the fact that they’re going public. I understand why. But I don’t like it.”
“The idea that this excess is some kind of a giant contagion that’s going to destroy the economy is preposterous.” Edgar Alvarado, the head of real estate equity funds at Allstate Investments, referring to Blackstone’s IPO fling (p. 42)
Sam Zell, in an interview with the Associated Press, commenting on Wall Street’s adverse reaction to the downturn in the subprime lending market “I went to sleep with the conundrum of how to make a Japanese capsule hotel acceptable in the west and woke up realizing the solution
“we are seeing the slow demise of the housing ladder, which is now completely out of reach for the majority of young people.” was around me: All I needed to do was fnd the designer of the BA frst class cabin and ask them to help me design a hotel.”
Adam Sampson, director of housing and homeless charity Shelter, speaking about the London real estate market, as quoted in The Guardian Simon Woodroffe, entrepreneur behind the British capsule hotel chain Yotel and the Yo! Sushi chain, referring to a recent British Airways fight, as quoted on his website