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CalPERS to examine leverage policies

Officials at the public retirement plan behemoth are set to provide feedback on Monday.

ILPA urges LPs to ask about credit lines

Quarterly reports to investors must be explicit on the use of subscription credit lines, while LPs must ask for data that discounts the impact of borrowed cash, the lobby group recommends.

Fund finance: the debate rages

Augmented by high-profile voices in both the manager and investor camps, the use of subscription credit lines by fund managers has come under heavy scrutiny.

Getting to grips with sub lines

The growing use of subscription credit lines deserves level-headed analysis.

Money for nothing

The use of credit facilities to delay capital calls is now widespread. What is at risk?

Credit facilities: the LP’s friend or foe?

Private equity firms are increasingly using subscription lines of credit to boost headline returns.

Grosvenor forms industrial JV with High Street

The 50:50 joint venture is part of the firm’s continuing expansion in industrial real estate globally.

CPPIB forms JV with Hudson Pacific

Under the new partnership, the Canadian pension plan has made its first direct investment in the San Francisco office market.

Pembrook sets its sights on $450m for Fund III

The US real estate financing firm is looking to raise more than three times the amount garnered by its second fund in 2010.

Israeli buyout fund raises $800m

Markstone Capital Group has attracted investment from US and Israeli pension funds to invest in late-stage old economy companies in emerging markets.

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