October 2016 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2016

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    ASIA NEWS: Winner in Manila

    BPE Asia Real Estate made multiple bets on the Philippines and is now being rewarded with its first successful exit in the country.

    AMERICAS NEWS: TIAA in core changes

    After receiving feedback from investors, the global investment manager is revamping its core platform to specialize in property types and is adjusting its internal operations to fit.

    ASIA VIEW: The anti-establishment

    ‘Permanent establishment? tax rules aimed at combating tax dodging multinationals are causing some Asia based fund managers to re-visit their decision-making processes.

    FEATURE: Separation anxiety

    One of the more complex but potentially lucrative ways of finding profit in the real estate alternatives space is to create an ‘OpCo-PropCo’, however implementing such a strategy also comes with potential pitfalls.


    The UK’s planned departure from the European Union has thrust Germany into safest haven territory. Four private real estate investment professionals gather in Frankfurt to discuss whether that status is, in fact, also threatened. By Stuart Watson

    IF THESE WALLS: Read all about it

    CIM Group has purchased Chicago’s Tribune Tower, with plans – currently under wraps – to redevelop the iconic building.

    EUROPE NEWS: Quasi arrivati

    Opportunistic investment managers are close to unlocking value from Italian retail funds, but an economic turnaround might thwart their efforts.

    ASIA GUEST COMMENTARY: Once burned, twice cautiously does it

    While the long awaited return of Japanese institutional capital to international markets has begun, the going will be typically steady and measured in nature, says Yukihiko Ito, managing director, Asterisk Realty & Placement Agency.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Man of the moment: Peter Ballon

    Following a senior management change, the longtime executive is now taking on a bigger role at Canada’s largest pension plan.

    Man of the moment: Scott Girard

    The former Asia chief executive officer of the real estate fund manager M&G Real Estate has returned to steer the firm’s Asia core strategy.

    EUROPE NEWS: Man of the moment: Noel Manns

    Noel Manns, co-founder of Europa Capital, is beginning the process of retiring by scaling back his responsibilities at the London-based private equity real estate firm. By Jamie Henderson

    BLUEPRINT: Leaps of Faith

    Bob Faith’s Greystar bet on multifamily and niche real estate strategies long before most institutions. PERE’s Evelyn Lee talks with Faith about the firm’s rise to sector dominance.

    ASIA NEWS: Lone wolves

    LaSalle Investment Management is one of only four opportunistic managers understood to be raising capital for pan-Asia right now.

    EUROZONE: Haste makes waste

    If there is a lesson to be learned from Brexit, it is that it is never wise to act hastily during tumultuous times.

    German claims are premature

    Some of you picking up this month’s issue of PERE will be doing so at the EXPO Real conference in Munich.

    STATESIDE: Does the Starwood stake sale matter?

    Starwood’s minority stake sale to a private equity firm is not just about attracting capital for expansion.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Changing tack

    Emerging markets-focused Equity International recently revamped its fundraising efforts in light of investors’ macro concerns.

    EUROPE GUEST COMMENTARY: Brexit bargain hunters will be disappointed

    There are few indicators out there for those seeking major discounts in core UK property, says Charles Weeks, Head of Real Estate - Europe, Barings Real Estate Advisers

    FEATURE: Beyond niche

    Forget student housing or self-storage. Some investors are diving into even more unusual real estate investment strategies, hoping to find yield, steady operating income or protection against a downturn.

    ASIA VIEW: Japan’s growing conservativism

    With the looming threat of a market correction and an uncertain economy, managers are becoming more cautious in their investment approach.