June 2016 Issue

    BLUEPRINT: When the music stops

    After a half-century in the real estate world, Sam Zell has seen – and made billions through – many cycles. PERE's Meghan Morris sits down with the real estate doyen in his Chicago office to discuss his current market outlook and how his businesses are selectively deploying capital.

    EUROPE NEWS: Woman of the moment: Audrey Klein

    After keeping the industry guessing over her next move, Audrey Klein has spoken exclusively to PERE about her reasons for choosing Valad Europe.

    GUEST COMMENTARY What’s in a name

    As private equity real estate investing has become increasingly global in nature, a company rebranding made a lot of sense, says Eric Adler, chief executive officer of PGIM Real Estate.

    ASIA GUEST COMMENTARY: Understanding Chinese capital

    The pessimistic economic and political outlook in China is among the factors prompting a variety of Chinese capital to invest overseas, says Greg Peng, chief executive officer of Cindat Capital

    EUROPE NEWS: Tribute from industry friend

    Industry colleague Steve Felix pays tribute to Erwin Stouthamer, a man he described as a 'special, humble guy who loved to talk about the real estate world.'

    FEATURE: Treasure hunt

    Investors are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to get their hands on a core asset in today’s high-priced and competitive global marketplace.

    AMERICAS NEWS Time to let go

    After shelling out more than $20 million on placement agents, GreenOak founder Sonny Kalsi is ready to wind his firm off of external capital raisers.

    EUROZONE: The waiting game

    For some private equity real estate investors, postponing deals until after the UK referendum vote is as much about what they stand to gain as what they could potentially lose.

    EUROPE NEWS: The price isn’t always right

    Despite being outbid by rivals, The Blackstone Group is leading the race to acquire Ireland's second largest shopping center.

    FEATURE: The + factor

    Core-plus real estate has attracted a large amount of investor capital, but also its fair share of confusion and criticism.

    SPECIAL REPORT: The next wave

    Thanks to regulatory changes and market conditions, Latin America’s institutional investors are expected to drive an influx of capital into global real estate, with a primary focus on the US.

    If These Wall Could Talk: Talk of the town

    MSREI’s sale of its 11.7 percent stake in one of London’s most notorious buildings is the latest chapter in its short but checkered life.

    STATESIDE: Tailoring the message

    Having investor groups from different geographic areas can require targeted marketing, and in some cases, reeducation.

    ASIA VIEW: Readying regulation

    The real estate industry can rejoice at the South Korean insurance watchdog taking a proactive approach to regulating insurers’ investment programs

    EUROPE NEWS: Pradera poaching

    Two Pradera senior executives have followed their former boss James Bury and joined Savills Investment Management.

    ASIA NEWS: Japanese aftershocks

    Japan is expected to face billions of dollars in economic property damages from April’s devastating earthquake despite stringent quake-resistant building codes.

    ROUNDTABLE: Flying through turbulence

    Economic and political headwinds are making investing in Chinese real estate a difficult journey. Not that it is impossible to chart a less volatile course through one of the world's only remaining growth markets.

    SPONSORED FEATURE: Find markets with lasting demand

    According to Yardi Systems executives Jeff Adler and Paul Fiorilla, investors new to private real estate investing should consider space over capital demand as they make their first plays.

    EUROPE NEWS: Cornering the region

    Cornerstone has held a first close on its debut European fund and will start investing in a marketplace with growing competition.

    ASIA NEWS: Carlyle ups bets on China

    The private equity firm is prepping the launch of a China-focused real estate fund

    ASIA NEWS: BlackRock lowers its price

    The New York powerhouse has reduced its asking price for Asia Square Tower 1 in Singapore in the latest sign of its challenges to find a buyer for the giant office.

    AMERICAS NEWS Better late than never

    Houston-based Hines is entering both the senior and student housing markets, well after peers turned the niche strategies into institutionalized asset classes.

    ASIA NEWS: After the VAT

    A new tax regime could mean short-term uncertainty but longer-term relief for China’s real estate owners.

    AMERICAS NEWS A great leap forward

    If successful, Colony’s proposed merger with NorthStar would mark another major milestone for the Los Angeles-based firm just a year after going public.

    EDITOR'S LETTER: A dazzling big picture

    A dazzling big picture Jonathan 2016-06-01 Brasse Let’s indulge in a spot of mixed-metaphors: private real estate investors (both money and management) are like bulls in headlights at the moment. That is a picture being painted by the market and one borne out by statistics. Brokers Cushman &am