May 2015 Issue

    ASIAVIEW: Turn of the tide

    Why now is a promising time to be investing in the Asian real estate markets. By Arshiya Khullar. PERE Magazine May 2015 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Things change

    The transaction that KTR was seeking when it first went to market a year ago was very different from the deal it ended up signing. PERE Magazine, May 2015 issue  

    SPECIAL REPORT: A quick call

    The biggest private real estate deal since the global financial crisis required $23 billion, but only three and a half weeks, and two key relationships. PERE Magazine, May 2015 issue

    ROUNDTABLE: On the way up

    An encouraging macroeconomic climate, the availability of debt and a strong supply and demand dynamic means the future for investing in Dutch real estate is looking positive for the first time in a long while.

    ASIA NEWS: Past the finish line

    Three years after launching, Baring Private Equity Asia’s real estate business has raised its first equity. PERE Magazine May 2015 issue

    ASIA NEWS: MSREI executive shuffle

    Toru Bando has been promoted to become the latest head of Asia following the departure of Hoke Slaughter from the firm’s Asia team. PERE Magazine May 2015 issue 

    GUEST COMMENTARY: Let the good times unroll

    US real estate has enjoyed robust returns for the past five years, but that may bestarting to change, writes Greg MacKinnon, director of research at the Pension Real Estate Association. PERE Magazine, May 2015 issue  

    STATESIDE: Home advantage

    If you want foreign institutions to invest with you, it helps to start on their home turf. PERE Magazine, May 2015 issue

    GUEST COMMENTARY: Good fundamentals or overweight capital

    Despite growing demand for core real estate in Asia, Mark Fogle, head of real estate at BPE Asia Real Estate, questions the nature of the supply. PERE Magazine May 2015 issue.  

    AMERICAS NEWS: From developers to lenders

    Many of the top Brazilian real estate fund managers built their businesses as developers. Now, some of them are taking on a new investment role as debt provider. PERE Magazine, May 2015 issue  

    EUROZONE: The warm front

    Europe’s macroeconomic climate is making real estate in the continent a very attractive proposition to US investors with some market sources expecting it to buoy European fundraising.

    EUROPE NEWS: Under the radar

    With a €300 million partnership with GIC, Exeter Property Group looks set to make waves across the pond.

    EUROPE NEWS: The waiting gain

    Some number crunching reveals that ADIA made at least a €244 million gain on its stake in Deutsche Annington by holding onto the shares it was given by the Terra Firma fund which owned the German residential company last year.

    EUROPE NEWS: On the road again

    Rockspring’s TransEuropean fund series launched more than 20 years ago and the London-based firm is back on the fundraising trail with the latest in the core-plus/value-add offering.

    EUROPE NEWS: Broadgate’s all REIT

    GIC and British Land have structured the London office complex Broadgate as a ‘standalone’ REIT which tax experts say will provide better tax efficiency and create more wiggle room for an exit.

    EDITOR's LETTER: Raise the stakes or look elsewhere

    EDITOR's LETTER: Raise the stakes or look elsewhere Jonathan 2015-05-01 Brasse It seems that US institutional investors are at something of a juncture. If last month’s flurry of research reports is anything to go by, the demand-supply dynamic for institutional-grade real estate Stateside is

    GUEST COMMENTARY: Catching the catch-ups

    There is an important fee difference among European private equity real estate funds that should receive more scrutiny, says Paul Jayasingha, global head of real estate manager research at Towers Watson.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Corus’ happy ending

    Last month’s sale of Laketown Wharf by a consortium of private equity firms signals the end of a rare happy story emanating from the global financial crisis. PERE Magazine, May 2015 issue  

    BLUEPRINT: The big calls of Dr Seek

    PERE meets the man who grew GIC’s real estate business

    ASIA NEWS: Open or closed minded

    Demand for core real estate investments is picking up pace in Asia but fund structuring for this strategy is a divided issue. PERE Magazine May 2015 issue