April 2015 Issue

    LEADER: Where there is talent, there is war

    New York’s NorthStar Realty Finance is playing a cameo role in a long-running play being shown all over Europe.

    INTERVIEW: Toss and turn

    Why it isn’t always comfortable being in bed with an opportunity fund. In an interview, Eugene Diaz, founder of operating partner, Prism Capital Partners, explains.  

    FEATURE: The smart guy in the room

    Harvard’s massive sale offering shows how much the real estate secondary market has changed in five years. PERE Magazine, April 2015 issue  

    SPECIAL REPORT: Capital on the coast

    Talk on the Cote D’Azur largely centered on whether or not the flood of global capital into the real estate marketplace could be sensibly deployed.

    SPECIAL REPORT: Savills’ quantum leap

    The chief executive officer of Cordea Savills believes the acquisition of Germany’s SEB Asset Management puts the firm in striking distance of private real estate’s first-tier managers, and there could be more to come.

    BLUEPRINT: Operating outside the box

    Few real estate managers are quite like Related – and that’s helped drive the growth of its fund management business. PERE Magazine, April 2015 issue  

    STATESIDE: One and done

    The imbalance between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ of private equity real estate has never been more apparent than it is right now. PERE Magazine April 2015 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: New York state of mind

    In setting up his own shop, the former Carlyle veteran is sticking to the market that he knows best. PERE magazine April 2015 issue

    ASIA NEWS: Leaving on a high

    Andie Kang’s time as global real estate head at Korea’s NPS was transformational for the state investor. New employer IGIS will be hoping for some of the same.

    FEATURE: Have I got a deal for you!

    The current state of the operating partner model.  

    GUEST COMMENTARY: Low cost upside

    Low growth expectations in Europe don’t seem to be consistent with low rates, cheap euros, lower energy costs, and other positive factors that embed an investment proposition that is already very attractive. By Simon Martin, head of research and strategy at Tristan Capital Partners.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Facing the unions

    UNITE, the union for employees in the catering trade, has published a list of fund managers that it deems ‘irresponsible’. PERE Magazine April 2015 issue

    EUROZONE: Too hot to handle

    European core pricing is reaching boiling point due to the demand for yield far outstripping the availability of income-generating assets. Investors will need to take more risk to get their expected returns so some are heading for alternatives.

    EUROPE NEWS: Under one roof

    Many firms like to keep their overseas operating partners outsourced, but one group is moving in the other direction and bringing their operating capabilities in-house.

    EUROPE ROUNDTABLE: More money, more problems

    The battle for talent is just one of the challenges presented by the ‘wall of money’ that has entered Europe over the past 12 months.

    EUROPE NEWS: Core from the ground up

    Given the strong pricing of core assets, AXA Real Estate says it is the perfect time to create your own.

    ASIA NEWS: Call for Change

    Last month’s PERE Asia Summit saw real estate professionals from around the world discuss the pros and cons of investing in Asia in the changing environment.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Battle of two mall heavyweights

    A $23 billion hostile bid by Simon Property Group for Macerich has gripped the public REIT sector. Jim Sullivan, veteran analyst at Green Street Advisors who leads the firm's advisory and consulting group explains the key to the deal

    AMERICAS NEWS: Alternative assets, operating know-how

    In the hot US core market, capital sources are looking more to alternative asset classes such as student accommodation and healthcare properties, and that can mean deals with niche experts. PERE Magazine April 2015 issue

    ASIAVIEW: About time

    Hong Kong’s proposed state fund for long-term investments is welcome news only if the government chooses to be bold in its investment philosophy.