October 2014 Issue

    STATESIDE: The new F word

    First it was “fund-of-fund.” Now it’s “multi-manager.” Why is it so hard for indirect investment businesses to define themselves? PERE Magazine, October 2014 issue

    ASIA NEWS: Steadier times ahead

    GIC Private will be the first traditionally long-term holder of property that Tokyo’s Pacific Century Place has known.  

    HOT MARKETS: Pick of an emerging bunch

    The reasons for international investors to place Indonesia at the top of their list of emerging real estate markets in Asia are mounting.

    HOT MARKETS: Mediterranean moves

    Spain and Italy have long been destinations for fair weather and fine food, but the two markets recently have been targeted by international capital for a very different type of feast. PERE Magazine, October 2014 issue 

    HOT MARKETS: How the mighty have fallen

    Once the darling of private equity real estate, China’s recent economic volatility has made investors more wary – but what’s really behind all the headline sensationalism? PERE Magazine, October 2014 issue

    HOT MARKETS: Developers needed

    The growth of sub-Saharan Africa and the development of its economies will herald the transformation of the continent’s skyline as the supply of Grade A commercial real estate seeks to match demand.  

    HOT MARKETS: Beyond the gateways

    With the competition for quality properties continuing to intensify in top-tier US cities, a strategy focused on secondary cities makes more sense than ever before.

    GERMANY ROUNDTABLE: The globe’s ‘most wanted’

    Germany is number one on the list of many institutional investors when it comes to investing in Europe and indeed the world according to one study, but that is causing its own challenges, say experts. PERE Magazine October 2014 issue

    ASIA NEWS: Flying another’s British flag

    Nicholas Loup is leaving London-based Grosvenor after 20 years of growing the business in Asia. He is joining another London firm looking to do likewise

    EUROZONE: Yay or nay

    Scotland’s vote was making waves in the US as well as Europe last month but the smart money in real estate had already ‘voted’ months ago. PERE Magazine, October 2014 issue

    EUROPE NEWS: Fit for purpose

    Europe’s biggest SWF is trying to ramp up its real estate team to 200 staff as it struggles to match growth in cash with its desire to have 5 percent of assets in property. PERE Magazine, October 2014 issue

    EUROPE NEWS: First the investors, then the advisors

    Global advisory firm Situs has opened an office in Spain and hired a country head. PERE Magazine October 2014 issue


    Editor's Letter, October 2014 issue.

    BLUEPRINT: Malaysian giant

    The $187 billion Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is looking to march on Europe, Japan, and the US. Here, deputy chief executive officer responsible for investment, Mohamad Nasir Ab Latif, and head of real estate investment, Mohamad Hafiz Kassim, explain why.   

    ASIAVIEW: The late straggler

    JPMorgan’s acquisition of Aviva Investor’s Asia real estate business this month isn’t the start of another wave of M&A. 

    AMERICAS NEWS: The fairest of them all

    DLA Piper’s 2014 State of the Market survey found healthcare to be the most attractive sector. PERE Magazine, October 2014 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Moving target

    With its new fiscal year, CalPERS has taken the first crucial step toward meeting an aggressive new target in real estate. PERE Magazine, October 2014 issue