June 2014 Issue

    Month: June
    Year: 2014

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    STATESIDE: Drivers of innovation

    High-net-worth investors aren’t just giving real estate fund managers more of their money, they’re helping to encourage firms to become more innovative. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue

    BLUEPRINT: Québec takes on the world

    As it moves more of its capital abroad, Ivanhoé Cambridge is shifting its focus from buildings to businesses. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue.

    Make me a match

    Investors’ appetite for greater control and the increased desire to team up with local operators have given advisory firms an advantage in the Asia-Pacific region. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue.

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: A counterintuitive strategy

    A number of institutional investors are taking more risk overseas than they are at home, but that seems like a backwards way to invest. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue

    EUROZONE: The case for a UK SWF

    Long overdue, a sovereign wealth fund for the UK makes economic sense and would have the added benefit of presenting this reporter with a state entity with which he actually could get close

    EUROPE NEWS: PRS just got political

    Just when investors get serious about the private rented sector in the UK, politicians make it awkward

    EUROPE NEWS: In the line of fire

    CDC, the UK government-owned investment firm focused on Africa and southern Asia, has been accused of enriching developers and providing luxury apartments to well-off  citizens instead of helping to create jobs in deprived areas. Here, the agency responds.

    EUROPE NEWS: Big numbers

    The average deal size for sovereign wealth funds investing in Europe has been revealed – and it is growing

    EDITOR'S LETTER: Information gap

    EDITOR'S LETTER: Information gap Robin 2014-06-01 Marriott Funny that during the height of the global financial crisis in 2008, there was a common observation that limited partners’ communication with each other about troublesome funds was not good. Now that most problems have been resolved in

    Challenging the conventional wisdom

    DTZ has launched a portfolio modelling initiative intended to better channel the tide of Asian institutional capital seeking private real estate investments abroad. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue

    Communication breakdown

    Consultants and independent advisors are proposing their own solutions to the lack of communication among limited partners and their managers. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue.

    UK ROUNDTABLE: Capital Crush

    In a market characterized by an immense weight of capital, real estate managers and advisors are having to think creatively in order to invest. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue.     Sponsors: CBRE Macquarie Capital Rockspring Property Investment Managers UBS Global Asset Management  

    ASIAVIEW: Standing up to scrutiny

    Consideration of Blackstone’s A$826 million investment in a portfolio in Australia should extend beyond the main asset. PERE magazine June 2014 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Vying for attention

    Managers promoting Asia property funds seem to be facing an uphill battle as the US and Europe grab a bigger share. PERE Magazine June 2014 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Family values

    With $6.6 trillion at their disposal, Asian family offices and high-net-worth individuals are taking their personal wealth abroad. PERE Magazine June 2014 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: A trickle begins

    The idea of international institutional capital buying well-tenanted, income-producing property in India finally is gathering momentum. PERE Magazine June 2014 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Your loss, our gain

    Expiring loss-share agreements mean a wave of distressed US property loans could be hitting the market once again, which could present a new investment opportunity. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Brookfield checks in

    The Toronto-based asset manager broke into the hotel sector last month with its acquisition of Thayer. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue

    Across the table

    Deloitte has a reputation as the busiest sell-side advisory firm in Europe when it comes to the noncore real estate portfolios of governments and banks. David Edmonds, global head of the firm’s portfolio lead advisory services group, talks to PERE about the art of selling to private equity. PERE Magazine, June 2014 issue.