October 2013 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2013

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    FEATURE: Mexican evolution

    Although regulatory changes have helped to transform Mexico’s property market, traditional private equity real estate investing in the country has been sidelined – at least for now.

    BLUEPRINT: Work boots and wing tips

    As the market anticipates its next fundraising, Brockton Capital explains its distinctive brand of real estate knowledge mixed with Wall Street savvy. PERE Magazine, October 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Coming of age

    Orion is making the case for greater private investment in care homes in Japan after a subdued 10 years for the property type. PERE Magazine October 2013 issue.

    FEATURE: Orange turns red

    With Amsterdam having one of the highest office vacancy rates in Europe, private equity firms are starting to move in. PERE Magazine, October 2013 issue.

    SPONSORED ARTICLE: Turkish delight

    Largely resilient to global market volatility and European malaise, Turkey remains an attractive emerging real estate market. PERE magazine, October 2013 issue.

    SPONSORED ARTICLE: Don’t buy cheap, buy smart

    Spain is often talked about as being a distressed market, but it’s not all about the discount. Investors also need a workout plan to make investments work. PERE magazine, October 2013 issue.

    STATESIDE: The undergraduates

    Emerging manager programs were created to help early-stage firms become successful, but many of these programs may be falling short of reaching that goal. PERE Magazine, October 2013 issue

    FEATURE: The land of smiles

    Some investment firms have made outsized returns from property deals in Thailand, so it is no wonder the market has become a regional favorite. PERE Magazine October 2013 issue.

    FEATURE: Andean opportunities

    With their open governments, stable economies and growing demographics, Peru and Colombia have emerged as desirable markets for private equity real estate firms looking to expand their Latin American portfolios. PERE magazine, October 2013 issue.

    GERMAN ROUNDTABLE: Meister of their domain

    Four real estate managers examine the prospects for private equity firms investing in Germany. Sponsors: AEW Europe Corestate Capital Rockspring Property Investment Managers Pramerica Real Estate International October 2013 PERE magazine.

    EUROZONE: A perfect Forum

    As part of a wave of compatriots looking to diversify abroad, France’s La Française has selected Forum Partners to help globalize its property portfolio. October 2013 issue PERE magazine.

    EUROPE NEWS: Au revior, Monsieur Bazin

    After 16 years at Colony, the firm’s European head has left the world of private equity real estate to return to the hotel industry – and perhaps finally become part of France’s establishment. October 2013 issue PERE Magazine.

    ASIAVIEW: Mind games

    Private equity real estate firms should consider the longer-term benefits to the Olympics coming to Tokyo in 2020 rather than fret about rising constructions costs. PERE Magazine October 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: A second bite

    After taking a step back from Asia’s developing logistics market, Chicago-based growth markets investment firm Equity International is back. PERE Magazine October 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: A mighty tree

    Having closed the largest blind-pool opportunity fund focused on China so far, Mapletree explains how it was able to achieve its success. PERE Magazine October 2013 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Man of the world

    After suffering losses overseas, Carlyle is betting on a new key hire to strengthen its prospects abroad. PERE Magazine, October 2013 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Alpha bet

    MassPRIM is making a push for higher-risk investments as it pursues enhanced returns for its overall real estate portfolio. PERE Magazine, October 2013 issue