May 2013 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2013

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    PERE 50: A post-crisis shake-up

     The elimination of funds closed in 2007 from this year’s ranking has caused the biggest reshuffling of top firms in recent memory Changes abound in this year’s ranking of the largest private equity real estate in the world in terms of fundraising activity.

    EUROPE NEWS: Hybrid theory

    Two firms have put co-investment capital at the heart of their next funds as general partners respond to the wishes of investors. May 2013 issue

    ASIAVIEW: The next big thing

    With a $500 million commitment, one US pension has set Blackstone well on its way to raising the largest real estate opportunity fund in Asia. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue.

    STATESIDE: Building better returns

    Fund managers with noncore strategies can achieve high returns in a low-risk, stable environment by getting their hands dirty with development. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue

    FEATURE: Getting over the goal line

    In a tricky fundraising environment, fee breaks are becoming a more prevalent and influential factor in drawing investors into a fund’s first close. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue

    EUROZONE: What is the UK good for?

    Technology hubs such as Cambridge and resource-related markets such as Aberdeen are catching the eye of UK fund managers as they look outside of London for fresh investments, but the bulk of the deals will remain in capital- constrained and distressed situations. May 2013 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Mandate of the future

    Last month, England’s Environment Agency Pension Fund selected The Townsend Group for a mandate to invest in real assets, possibly pointing the way for others to follow

    EUROPE NEWS: Danish treat

    Sweet news for global property funds as one of the largest pensions in Denmark decides to ditch domestic property in favour of an international strategy. May 2013 issue.

    BLUEPRINT: Go big or go home

    Jeff Schwartz’s career has long been defined by the growth he has generated, first with ProLogis and currently with Global Logistic Properties. PERE caught up with the man in Hong Kong to hear about where he sees growth coming from next. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: More interested in China

    Phoenix Property Investors has a dedicated Japan team, but it is unlikely to see much of the firm’s latest equity haul given the heavy focus on greater China. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: A wider brief

    Real estate takes a backseat to private equity investments in China and Southeast Asia for Eddie Wong’s next venture, TransAsia Private Capital. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Long-term play

    Allianz is plotting to invest up to €300 million in China over the coming 18 months, but the firm insists it is setting up in the country for the long haul. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: When you wish upon a Star

    The Greenwich, Connecticut-based real estate investment firm received a steady stream of commitments for its largest fund ever—and now it is seeing a steady stream of investment opportunities. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: What investors want

    PERE’s Global Investor Forum showed the full breadth and diversity of what investors are looking for in their managers. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Catching Fibra fever

    The rise of the Mexican REIT market has captured the attention of private equity real estate firms interested in investing south of the border. PERE Magazine, May 2013 issue