February 2010 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2010

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    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

    Capital is starting to slowly trickle back into the US real estate markets, but there are worries that a 'liquidity bubble’ is forming. By Zoe Hughes. PERE magazine, February 2010 issue

    FEATURE: Risky business

    After defining core, core-plus, value-add and opportunistic strategies as functions of target IRRs and leverage, investment managers are now thinking more about risk. PERE Magazine,February issue 2010

    FEATURE: PPIP squeaks

    TCW is in the process of handing back capital to investors in its now-defunct PPIP fund following the dismissal of its CIO. This scandal has brought to the fore uncomfortable questions about the US government stimulus plan, including whether it needs to exist. PERE Magazine February issue 2010.

    FEATURE: As good as gold?

    Like gold, real estate is traditionally seen as a good hedge against inflation. But for institutional investors the key to hedging is understanding the leases in the portfolio. PERE magazine, February 2010 issue

    EUROZONE: A matter of trust and expenses

    The management fee is a hot topic in Europe, but LPs would be unwise to believe that smaller expenses are always better. PERE Magazine, February 2010 issue.

    EUROPEAN NEWS: Lone Star’s next move in the UK

    The John Grayken-led firm has set up an office for loan servicer Hudson Advisors in London as the firm becomes the largest accumulator of debt in Europe. PERE Magazine February issue.

    EUROPEAN NEWS Q&A: Back to The Hague

    PERE speaks with ING Real Estate’s new funds of funds global head, Jan Meulenbelt, about his new role, the new headquarters, and how the firm broke the news to investors. PERE Magazine, February issue.

    EUROPEAN NEWS: Sir Ronald’s real estate hedge fails

    Portland Capital is shutting down, but experts say now may be just the time to launch such a hedge fund. PERE Magazine, February issue.

    BLUEPRINT INTERVIEW: Disciple of discipline

    Scott O’Donnell, the European head of private equity real estate at Harbert Management Corporation, has learned some valuable lessons in his career, but says ‘discipline’ remains his core mission. He spoke recently with Robin Marriott about how his career has progressed so far, how Alabama-based Harbert has been faring in the Europe, and how a parking space in Canary Wharf influenced his decision to leave Credit Suisse. PERE magazine, February issue.

    ASIAVIEW: Awaiting direction

    Why Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s decision to shelve the sale of its Asia real estate platform makes sense. PERE Magazine, February issue 2010

    ASIA NEWS: Secured plays leasing game

    The Tokyo firm hopes to turn the largest Japanese single-asset deal, Pacific Century Place, into a perfect leasing play. PERE Magazine, February issue

    ASIA NEWS: Shopping the right funds

    Hong Kong-based Harvest Capital believes its latest two funds will attract investors because mall assets have been pre-identified.

    ASIA NEWS: Step up Pamfleet

    Having spent a decade investing through joint ventures, Pamfleet Group is making its commingled fund debut. PERE Magazine, February issue 2010

    ASIA NEWS: Byron's Japanese surprise

    The Blackstone Advisory Services vice chairman has slated Japan to be the best performing major industrialised market. He admitted to PERE this prediction sparked great reaction. PERE Magazine, February 2010

    AMERICAS NEWS: The West is not enough

    After acquiring Lehman Brothers’ two real estate mezzanine funds in December, PCCP is eyeing other possible deals as a means of growing the firm. By Zoe Hughes. PERE magazine, February 2010 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Down goes Stuy Town

    The default of Tishman Speyer and BlackRock’s Stuy Town deal could result in an immediate revaluation of the property by as much as 70 percent. By Zoe Hughes. PERE magazine, February 2010 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Banking on the government

    Colony Capital is eyeing the FDIC as a valuable source of real estate deals in 2010. PERE magazine, February 2010 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Called to the carpet

    Oregon pushes Fortress to renegotiate fees after poor performance. PERE magazine, February 2010 issue

    DECONSTRUCTED: Royal replacement cost

    Ever wondered what it would cost to build the Queen of England’s London residence? Here's your answer. PERE Magazine, February issue.

    DECONSTRUCTED: Take a walk on the wild side

    Central Park’s landmark restaurant, The Tavern on the Green, was sold off piece by piece last month. Among the items for sale was a 14-foot topiary King Kong. PERE Magazine, February issue.