DECONSTRUCTED: Macklowe kills ‘em

What better way to chase away the blues than with comedy? After being on the wrong end of the Equity


Office Properties sell-off, New York mega-landlord Harry Macklowe is by no means sulking at home. You can see evidence of his defiant joviality at the comedic website, where he and many other demographically similar joke tellers appear in videos spinning side-splitters.

Macklowe, born in 1937, has contributed two jokes to the website this year. Both involve old married couples. The first one tells the tale of a wife who is caught stealing a can of peaches and sentenced to six nights in prison. The husband yells out to the judge that she also stole some peas.

The second joke we can’t repeat in polite company. It involves an old couple in bed, the wife turns on the lights and … oh, just check out the video yourself.