DECONSTRUCTED: Pension news, terminated

Website visitor statistics for reveal that there is a very high correlation between the word “CalSTRS” in a headline and the article being clicked by thousands and thousands of readers.

Gov Schwarzenegger

Which is why we were dismayed to read that “CalSTRS Media Relations will be closed three Fridays of each month under an executive order issued by Governor Schwarzenegger”, according to the pension giant.

Like many financial media companies, we check in frequently with the good folks in the CalSTRS media relations department to learn what giant cheque the Sacramento pension behemoth will write next, what naughty fund manager will be chastised and what hare-brained Washington initiative will be lambasted.

Now most Fridays are off limits for CalSTRS stories.

The budget-related furlough is in effect until June 2010. Hopefully by then the news will be of a much happier variety.