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My crib is still bigger than yours, dog

Blogging about celebrities is the latest craze. Blogging about celebrity real estate, however, is another story altogether.

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, no stone is left unturned. We want to know all about the blinged-out gods walking among us: Who’s dating whom, who’s wearing what, and, perhaps most relevant, who’s living where. Real estate is the next celebrity status symbol and what more opportune time for an anonymous, over-caffeinated and fearless blogger to dig deep into the personal lives of celebrities and give us the dirt on their habitats.

The site, located at, features profiles and oftentimes caustic commentary on celebrity-owned real estate—who’s buying, who’s selling and how much they’re making off the properties.

A recent RealEstalker post reported that professional wrestler Hulk Hogan sold his Miami Beach house at North Bay Road for an enormous profit after owning the property for just one year: In fact, the $18 million asking price was $6.9 million more than Hogan paid for the property in April 2006. “The Hulkster made five or six million clams in a floundering Miami Beach market by flipping his humongous mansion,” RealEstalker quips. Not that a nobody is moving into Hogan’s old pad—the property was purchased by action film director and producer Michael Bay, best known for his work on Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, The Rock and Bad Boys.

The site, worth a look simply for its juicy celebrity gossip, also offers a view into the often obscure world of luxury real estate. “If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand and one times, one of the ways the rich and famous get richer is by flipping high-end properties,” the blogger opines.