Good fences make good summits

Gearing up for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, this June, one hotel is investing in an extra layer of security.

Owning luxury hotels can sometimes bring with it unique challenges. Take, for example, the Kempinski Grand Hotel in the German resort of Heiligendamm. In case you haven’t heard, the Kempinski—located on the Baltic Sea—will host the G8 Summit in June.

Of course, the property has everything needed for such a high-profile event—a beach front, nine elegant conference rooms, a historic ballroom, et cetera—everything that is except sufficient security. So controversial is the G8 summit nowadays that stringent measures are needed to keep angry protestors at bay. In the case of the Kempinski, the owners have had to erect a 13-kilometer security fence around the property (although they have apparently stopped short of erecting a barrier in the sea). Thinking ahead, however, the hotel is quick to inform aggressors that they will be responsible for any damage. The Kempinski’s website stipulates: “Liability falls on those who cause the damage. It is they who must pay compensation.”

It is not just the hotel that is taking the utmost precautions, however. According to activist website, the province of Mecklenburg-Western is supplying no less than 5,500 police officers for crowd control and protection. The German army will also lend a hand. The total number of police on duty for the three-day summit is expected to reach 18,000. Not many of those will be put up in the Kempinski. They will be enjoying accommodations of a slightly less salubrious nature: former army barracks.