DOWNLOAD: Decoding fund services and technology

Explore how these two areas are impacting the private real estate industry in PERE's interactive report.

Fund services is ‘back office’ no more.

As fund managers grapple with myriad challenges – including an increased  level  of  investor  due  diligence  of  operations; requirements  for  greater  transparency  and  speedier, more  detailed  reporting; regulatory changes and new risks  impacting  the  sector – the need for outsourcing providers is greater than ever.

At the same time, technology has become an increasingly important factor in the delivery of top-grade fund services. What is critical for fund managers, which have so far been slow on the uptake of technology, is to change their perception of tech as a disruptor. Instead, it’s time for fund managers to view technology as a business enhancer,  both on the management company and asset level.

The firms that more quickly embrace technology are the ones poised to gain a competitive edge.

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