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A group of nine traders, led by Bob Howard, will join KKR in New York, setting the stage for the alternative investment giant to build a major hedge fund operation.
David Snow, PERE's editor in chief, supposes he should respond to Philip Borel’s lame marathon challenge.
Like you, we see evidence of growing optimism across the market, much of which is evident in our coverage this month. PERE magazine September 2010 issue
The apparent public outrage over CalPERS staff travel makes one wonder: do California pensioners want their global assets managed by under-resourced homebodies? David Snow explores.
Charles Eaton says banning unregistered placement agents from doing business with public US institutions is ‘the right decision’.
David Snow explains why Goldman’s huge principal investment area will remain safely in-house.
A new transparency initiative from Texas Teachers puts a spotlight on the US’ anachronistic ban on ‘general solicitation’.
A new, new tax compromise makes carried interest even more legit.
A new tax idea from two US lawmakers finally recognises the true nature of carried interest.
The crafters of the AIFM have good intentions, but they must be shown that key proposals of this directive benefit no one and may create a Kafkaesque business environment, writes David Snow.

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