Japan Post Bank to raise alternatives allocation

The Japanese bank laid out the long-term plan for the growth of its strategic investments.

Japan Post Bank is targeting to ramp up its alternatives allocation to JPY8.5 trillion ($76.3 billion, €65.1 billion) by the end of Q3 2021. The investor is increasing its alternatives exposure to reduce the reliance on the interest income from Japanese government bonds.

Japan Post Bank currently allocates around JPY1.6 trillion ($14.4 billion, €12.2 billion) of its total investments to strategic investments, comprising private equity, real estate funds, direct lending funds and others.

The investor manages around JPY211 trillion ($1.9 trillion, €1.6 trillion) of total assets as at March 2018, and invested approximately JPY300 billion ($2.7 billion, €2.3 billion) to real estate fund investments.

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