Who fell for it..again?

Chaucer Alternative Asset Management (Chaucer AAM), PERE’s fictitious private equity real estate firm from Canterbury, made its April Fool’s comeback yesterday following a five-year hiatus.

Did you fall for our tall tale? To those that read about Chaucer AAM’s first plans to raise copious coffers back in 2010, did you fall for our tail again?

To again set the record straight, Chaucer AAM, does not exist.

Not that the fact prevented us from debating how a fund comprising investments made in London, Chartres, Rome, Thebes, North Cumberland, Yorkshire, Saluzzo, Flanders, Tours and, of course, Canterbury – as was stated to be Chaucer AAM’s remit – might look.

Actually, with a meaningful weighting to London and Rome, the core component could well be catered for. Liquidity might be an issue in Chartres, Thebes and Tours, however, but including the regions of Flanders (Belgium), Cumberland and Yorkshire (UK) in the mix, Chaucer AAM has afforded itself a little flexibility in what would otherwise be a somewhat restricted brief. Still, there’s no getting away from the fact this thesis is beyond opportunistic.

Deploying €3 billion wisely across these markets would be an immense challenge. Then again, considering Chaucer AAM failed to raise a penny when it last hit the fundraising trail back in 2010, and of course, that the firm doesn’t even exist, we at PERE are fairly certain that its failures would hardly impact the marketplace.

Nevertheless, we’re getting rather attached to the firm founded by property pilgrims David Nun, Andrew Priest and Scott Knight. As such, don’t be surprised to read about its exploits in Aprils to come.