Triton and Capital & Marketing form alliance

Convergence takes place among placement agents as a US firm forms a strategic alliance with a European firm, giving access to a wider investor base and a combined house with 60 staff

US independent placement firm and investment bank Triton Pacific Capital has formed a strategic alliance with Capital & Marketing, the London-based private capital markets advisor for alternative managers.

The two firms announced the alliance today.
Capital & Marketing Group will tap institutional investor capital in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East while Triton will be responsible for accessing institutional investor capital in the US and Canada for their real estate and infrastructure client mandates. 

The alliance will provide a network of 30 professionals and staff in six offices including London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Guernsey and Berlin, plus representative offices in Melbourne and Madrid.

 “North America is an extremely important market for our firm both in terms of institutional investor capital as well as a source of investment opportunities,” said Christophe de Taurines, founder and chief executive of Capital & Marketing Group. He added the alliance with Triton Pacific Capital would ensure access to a “vital market”.

Robert Davis, founder and chief executive of Triton Pacific Capital, said: “The appetite for institutional investor capital outside of US has grown significantly over the last two years,” adding the alliance would “enhance the breadth and depth” of institutional investor capital the pair could garner.

The move comes at a time of huge change within the private capital raising industry, which has not only had to contend with the global downturn in fund raising, but also with the so-called ‘pay-to-play’ scandal that blew up in the US early last year.

The industry is also witnessing consolidation with several of the large Wall Street banks and others winding down their private third party capital raising activities, such as Citigroup.

Capital & Marketing are among the firms currently vying for the title European placement agent of the year in the PERE Awards 2009.