The take from the toll

There is only a short history of returns from infrastructure funds, but investors are quickly declaring an interest in the asset class. By David Snow

Planes, trains and power plantsEstimated infrastructure investment performance

Asset Type Risk Cash Yield Avg. Equity IRR Capital Appreciation
Toll Road Low-Medium 4-9% 8-12% Limited
PFIs/P3s Low-Medium 6-12% 9-14% Limited
Regulated Assets Low-Medium 6-10% 10-15% Limited
Rail Medium 8-12% 14-18% Yes
Airports Medium 5-10% 15-18% Yes
Toll Roads- Greenfeld Medium-High 3-5% 12-16% Yes
Broadcast Networks Medium-High 8-10% 15-20% Yes
Power Generation High 4-12% 12-25% Yes
Average Medium 5-9% 10-15% Modest