The Lehman diaspora

The fourth largest US investment bank at the time of its bankruptcy had upward of 25,000 employees.


Here is a look at what some former Lehman real estate executives are doing today

Rodolpho Amboss

Then: Managing director at Lehman Brothers, principal at Lehman Brothers
Real Estate Partners

Now: Co-founder and chief compliance officer at Silverpeak

Years at Lehman: 1997-2010




Anthony J Barsanti

Then: Managing director at Lehman Brothers and Lehman Brothers Holdings

Now: Chief executive at LCOR

Years at Lehman: 1998-2016




Jim Blakemore

Then: European head of Lehman Brothers global real estate group

Now: Partner at GreenOak Real Estate

Years at Lehman: 1997-2012





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Brett Bossung

Then: Co-head of Lehman Brothers’ real estate private equity group

Now: Partner and co-founder at Silverpeak

Years at Lehman: 1996-2010




Yon Cho

Then: Head of Lehman Brothers
Real Estate Mezzanine Partners

Now: Partner at PCCP

Years at Lehman: 1993-2009




Edmund Craston

Then: EMEA head of real estate investment banking at Lehman Brothers

Now: Head of fund management at Patrizia

Years at Lehman: 2006-08



Peter Hansell

Then: Managing director at Lehman Brothers’ European real estate team

Now: Head of real estate debt at Cairn Capital

Years at Lehman: 2003-08




Natalie Howard

Then: Managing director
at Lehman Brothers

Now: Partner at DRC Capital

Years at Lehman: 2007-09




Mark Newman


Then: Global co-head of real estate private equity at Lehman Brothers

Now: President of Asia at Lone Star Funds

Years at Lehman: 2000-10



Coburn Packard

Then: Principal at Lehman Brothers Real Estate Private Equity

Now: Co-head of MSD Capital’s real estate group

Years at Lehman: 1998-2009





Gerald Pietroforte

Then: Co-head of real estate at Lehman Brothers Holdings

Now: Co-founder and co-managing member of RPM Renewal Properties

Years at Lehman: 2008-09




Mark Walsh

Then: Head of Lehman Brothers’
global real estate group

Now: Partner and co-founder of Silverpeak

Years at Lehman: 1993-2010