ProLogis appoints former Wal-Mart president to board

Lawrence Jackson, the former Wal-Mart president and chief executive officer for global procurement, has been appointed to the industrial property investor’s board of trustees.

The appointment of former Wal-Mart president Lawrence Jackson to the board of the Denver-based ProLogis has been hailed as adding “immense value” to the company.

ProLogis chairman and chief executive officer Jeffrey Schwartz said the appointment, effective from March 1 for one year, would provide the Denver-based company with “a deeper understanding” of supply chain challenges.

During his career at WalMart, Jackson was responsible for purchasing offices in 28 countries and overseeing 1.5 million employees.

Schwartz said in a statement: “[Jackson’s] background includes a broad array of operations management positions with some of the world's largest, most successful companies, and he has demonstrated success in managing change to enhance both processes and profitability.

“We believe Lawrence will contribute to a deeper understanding of the supply chain challenges our customers face today, and his retail expertise will be of immense value as we expand our retail and mixed-use business globally.”