PODCAST: Highway to the opportunity zone

PERE talks with several experts to break down the opportunities, risks and rules that come with the new US federal program creating buzz among real estate investors.

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Go to any real estate industry conference, networking event or meeting, and the topic of opportunity zones will inevitably come up. The opportunity zone program, established as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, seeks to bring private investments into underserved communities around the US using tax benefits as a financial incentive.

So what are the rules? What kinds of investors are best positioned to benefit? And what skills will investment managers need in order to meet return expectations and pull off a successful exit?

To get the full picture, PERE spoke with experts including DJ Van Keuren, senior vice-president at the Hayman Family Office; Mike Bernier, a partner at EY’s national tax practice who heads the firm’s efforts around opportunity zones; Larry Davis, chief executive and president of Shorewood Real Estate Group; and Will Strong, Virtus Real Estate Capital chief operating officer and chief financial officer.