Outlook of the real estate debt and finance market in Europe

• What will be the impact of inflation and rising interest rates on the real estate finance market in the coming 2-3 years?
• What have been the most notable deals taking place in the market in the last year?
• How liquid are emerging sectors within the European market?
• What are the expectations on the levels of distressed debt in the market in the coming few years?
• How are banks’ real estate lending strategies in Europe changing and what will be the impact on alternative lenders?• Looking back at the ‘pandemic era’ – what have been the main lessons learnt for lenders and borrowers?

Daniel Cunningham, Editor, Real Estate Capital
Craig Prosser, Managing Director, Head UK Real Estate Finance, LBBW
Natalie Howard, Head of Real Estate Debt, Schroders Capital
Curth-C. Flatow, Managing Partner, FAP Group
Jaime Martinez, Head of Alternative Financing, Stoneweg