Lenders’ Workshop – Credit crunch or making the numbers work?

Webinar overview

With a potential credit crunch looming in the distance, investors and managers are trying to rework their portfolios and business structures before their financing agreements run out. But are we at the brink of a default loan wave? Or are alternative lenders filling the financing gaps that traditional lenders are leaving in the markets?

Join this exclusive, off-the-record opportunity to speak with lenders actively invested across the risk spectrum and geographical locations to understand lending and refinancing requirements for existing and new clients over the coming months.

11am EST / 4pm UK


Network members


Interactive discussion, Q&A


Off the record

Nathan Jackson


Nathan Jackson

Director, Debt Investments

LaSalle Investment Management

Cyrus Korat - DRC Savills Investment Management


Cyrus Korat


DRC Savills Investment Management

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