INREV plays up lobbying role

The European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles has asked Jeff Rupp to drop his brief involving professional standards in favour of concentrating wholly on public affairs.

INREV, the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles, has made a clear declaration that lobbying is an important part of its remit by giving Jeff Rupp the exclusive task of the association's managing public affairs.

Rupp, who joined in May 2011, is to drop the professional standards part of his role he took up last year in favour of concentrating his efforts entirely on influencing Brussels.

As part of that change, INREV said it had reorganised so that Rupp would become director of public affairs, while Lonneke Löwik, previously director of research and market information, would take on the new standalone role of director of professional standards.

INREV has been criticised by some of its members in the past for not lobbying Brussels over key issues such as the AIFM directive, but the hiring of Rupp last year was a tacit acknowledgment that it needed to do more to try to influence European decision-making.

In a statement, the organisation today said Rupp would be “dedicated entirely to engaging with Brussels-based European policymakers and regulators”.

In other changes, Casper Hesp, formerly senior research manager, has been promoted to the role of director of research and market Information in place of Löwik. Hesp has played a key role in INREV’s research team since joining in 2007 – notably on the development of the INREV Index, which he will continue to manage.

Matthias Thomas, chief executive, said: “The changes we’re making to the senior management team will ensure we can continue to deal appropriately with the challenges and opportunities facing the non-listed real estate funds sector going forward, and provide useful insight, support and advice to our members.”