'I’d like to thank the PERE industry …'

Voting for the first round of the third annual Global PERE Awards will close on January 5, 2009. Have you nominated the people, firms, funds and deals that stood out in 2008 yet? If not, cast your vote now.

The first round of voting for the 2008 Global PERE Awards, the industry’s only global awards decided entirely by the industry, will close on 5 January, 2009.

The awards are highly regarded because they are totally independent. There is no sponsorship, no opening short list, no panel of judges and no editorial strings pulled. This is simply and purely a popular vote among private equity real estate peers.

We are looking to see who you think was the most notable firm and individual of 2008. We also want to know what the most notable fundraise of 2008 was and what you thought was the exit and deal of the year, the best placement agent, advisor, law firm, limited partner and developer of 2008.

You don’t have to vote in all categories – just the ones relevant to you.

Follow the links below to cast your vote in the:
Global poll
North American poll
European poll
Asian poll
Rest of World poll

On 5 January, 2009 we will count the nominations and launch our final round of voting – where, just like the Oscars, you choose the winners from a shortlist of candidates.

Anyone may nominate industry people, firms and service providers across the pre-designated categories.

You can only submit one name per category and may not nominate yourself or your own firms. The second and final round of voting will close on 30 January, 2009, after which the results will be published simultaneously on PrivateEquityRealEstate.com and in the PERE magazine in March.

For additional information on the voting process for the 2008 Global PERE Awards and how you can get involved as well as engage others, click here.