Gerardo Lietz leaves Partners Group

Nori Gerardo Lietz, the self-described ‘cursed Cassandra’ of private real estate investing, is stepping down as partner of the Swiss-based Partners Group to return to investment advisory and strategic consulting services.

Nori Gerardo Lietz, one of the best-known women in private equity real estate, and confidant to some of the most powerful investors in the world, is stepping down as partner at Partners Group to return to investment advisory and strategic consulting work.

Partners Group revealed today that Lietz would continue to provide consultancy to the Swiss group and make recommendations to the firm’s global portfolio investment committee, but added she would be dedicating time to further her market research and publishing activities, part of which will include teaching at Harvard Business School.

Lietz, who has been an outspoken critic of many facets of real estate fund management, was recognized in PERE magazine last July as one of the ten most powerful women in private real estate investing. She was co-founder of consultancy firm Pension Consulting Alliance in 1998. When the real estate asset management part of PCA was sold to Partners Group in 2007 she became partner and chief strategist of private real estate, and began to reduce her advisory work accordingly.

In a profile of Lietz that appeared in the Ten Most Powerful Women in Private Real Estate Investing, PERE magazine said: “Following the herd, is not in Gerardo Lietz’s vocabulary. “To be successful in this business you have to take risks,” she said. “At times I've felt like the cursed Cassandra. I've had to assume the risk of being unpopular. Winning the Miss Congeniality award was never going to happen. But, when you stake out tough positions, it really helps to be right and to have really thick skin.”