Friday Letter PERE to the future

We are expanding our news offering, giving you better intelligence to succeed in a more complex market for global real estate investment and finance. 

The (hopefully enjoyable and informative) Friday Letter you now read will continue to come your way as long as you want it, but PERE is expanding the way it delivers high-value information to the market.

Starting in September, PERE will not only be changing the name of our website to but we will offer you several alternatives for receiving our content. We’re confident one option is just right for you: Registered User (free): If you got our Friday Letter today, you’ll be a registered user of the renamed when it launches next month. You will continue to receive our Friday Letter and may click through to view five articles. But unlimited consumption of our news comes to an end. Subscriber: You receive valuable daily and weekly updates from our global edit team, full access to our online news articles as well as a searchable archive of news going back four years.

PERE Subscriber: The whole online news service described above plus the award-winning PERE magazine, delivered monthly both digitally and in hard copy to your desk. As you know, the content in PERE magazine is distinct from our daily news at

PERE Plus Subscriber: Everything described above, plus two additional digital editions to share with your colleagues.

Expect PERE to continue delivering the insights you need, but in a more convenient, flexible format. Over the next twelve months our editors will cover:

• Who is having fundraising success, and why?
• How are institutional investors changing their allocations to real estate?
• How are private real estate investment firms transforming their operations to better compete?
• What are investors on the frontlines in Europe, Asia, North America and beyond revealing about their areas of expertise?
• Who are the largest private equity real estate firms? Which industry professionals are most influential?
. . . and much more

To learn more about the new PERE offering for readers, please visit:

As ever, we appreciate having you as a reader and wish you prosperous and stimulating times ahead.