Friday Letter Fifteen firms that will thrive

PERE magazine unveils its selection of firms that will thrive and survive amid the real estate hard times, and for the first time you may access this magazine article digitally.

The ongoing market disaster has given rise to many real estate fund managers who claim that now is the best opportunity they’ve ever seen to buy property. But can all of these would-be opportunity investors possibly have the skills to execute?

The September issue of PERE magazine profiles the 15 firms we believe posess the skills needed to profit from the peril. You may see the list of firms here.

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Our online news will continue to provide you with proprietary coverage from a team of seasoned reporters, while the magazine content will continue to offer fundraising data, institutional investor allocation trends, interviews and analysis available nowhere else.

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Real estate doesn’t go away, and therefore the managers, improvers and repositioners of real estate assets will not go away, but rather regroup to solve complex problems, add value and profit.

We think our list of 15 thrivers is indicative of the kind of investment talent that PERE will continue to cover going forward.