Euro FoF big hitters have left Credit Suisse

It has emerged that managing directors Anders Âström and Tomas Otterud have departed the company having joined less than a year earlier

Anders Âström, the real estate professional best known for founding the indirect investment management business of Aberdeen Property Investors, has left his new employer Credit Suisse after less than a year.

It has emerged that a second managing director, Tomas Otterud, has also left the organisation.

The pair joined Credit Suisse early last year in its customised fund investment group which manages around $23 billion of private equity investments. They reported to David Hodes and Doug Weill, the global co-heads of the real estate investment group at Credit Suisse who left last July to form their own firm.

Âström and Otterud joined Credit Suisse in its Zurich office to create vehicles for institutional investors on a global basis via separate accounts, co-investments, fund and funds, as well as purpose-built unlisted funds to help multi-national corporations with pension schemes in multi jurisdictions.

A spokeswoman for Credit Suisse confirmed the departures, and added the pair had left to pursue other opportunities and that the business in Europe continued to function.

They are not thought to be linked to the mass departures of professionals within the separate Credit Suisse Private Real Estate Funds Group.

It is not known if either Âström or Otterud have taken up other employment.

White at Aberdeen Property Investors, Âström launched Europe's first pooled property real estate fund of funds in 2005. Prior to that, he was at Swedish Pensionfund SPP (Alecta) as a financial controller and research analyst.