DOWNLOAD: Q1 fundraising boosted by Blackstone and PAG

Closings at the end of the month for Blackstone's latest European opportunity fund and the latest pan-Asia opportunity fund of PAG Group meant a relatively high aggregate for private real estate fundraising.

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PERE’s Q1 Fundraising Report is now available for download.

Momentum is seeing fundraisings nearing final close cross the finishing line. This means the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on the sector’s capital markets will not be seen statistically for months to come.

The first quarter aggregate fundraising for closed-end private real estate funds in 2020 was the lowest in seven years and would have been lower still but for final closings at the end of the quarter by managers Blackstone and PAG.

Blackstone’s sixth European opportunity fund in particular brought the quarter’s fundraising total close to levels seen in 2015, 2017 and 2018. Without it, the quarter would have been notably lower.

Check out our interactive fundraising report for the other trends and highlights that shaped fundraising activity in Q1.

You can also download the report as a PDF here and download the data here.