How we conducted our 2019 investor survey

Breaking down the methodology of PERE's Investor Perspectives 2019 survey, including more on the participating institutions.

Investor Perspectives 2019 is PERE’s study of institutional investors’ approach to alternative asset classes.

More specifically, it aims to provide a granular view of the alternatives market, both current and future, by gathering insight on investors’ asset allocation, propensity to invest, and performance predictions.

Investor Perspectives is a global study, reflected in the question-set and the respondents, which allows for meaningful worldwide views and cross-regional comparisons across alternative asset classes.

The question-set for Investor Perspectives is reviewed annually, with the objective of reflecting market developments and shifts in sentiment.

For this 2019 study, fieldwork was carried out from August to October 2018.

Participation in Investor Perspectives is anonymous, with the findings amalgamated and presented in this supplement.