Clean Data Centres

Explore how to make data centres clean, what does it take?
Learn from asset owners and PPA experts the risks, challenges, inflation and interest rates involved

Adrian Anderson, Senior Director – Renewable Energy
Microsoft Jason Tundermann, Chief Operating Officer, LevelTen Energy

To help navigate to relevant bits of the 55-minute video, please see timings to the bullets below.

·       8 mins in: Microsoft defines energy efficient data centres by reducing electricity and water consumption and using sustainable materials in construction, whilst green data centres aim to green the electricity grids where they operate

·       10 minutes in: There has been a very large regulatory shift in the last year as governments push for more renewables, energy efficiency, and community development

·       14 minutes in: What a fully green data centre will look like is still unknown because all the critical materials such as concrete and steel use a lot of energy

·       17 minutes in: Trying to make every hour of consumption matched with an hour of renewable energy is a very difficult – perhaps unlikely – goal

·       25 minutes in: More are coming into the market trying to hit 2025 goals, meaning demand is up and supplies are down, making the market challenging. You need to move fast

·       33 minutes in: Many are following PPAs, so the most common would be a discount to market with the floor and so the PPA price is not fixed