Chart of the Week: UK Fundraising

Debt leads all strategies for the country in 2014

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Data from PERE Research & Analytics reveals that, between 2008 and 2014, a total of $26 billion was raised between 87 funds focused on the United Kingdom. Fundraising has grown consistently throughout the years for UK-focused funds since the financial crisis, reaching a post-crisis milestone of $8.6 billion from 20 funds. This represents a 69 percent increase from the prior year where $5.1 billion was raised and an 856 percent increase from its lowest point in 2009 where the country raised $900 million. Debt and value added funds made the bulk of fundraising for the UK, raising a total of $2.6 billion and $1.9 billion respectively in 2014. Despite debt funds leading UK fundraising in 2014, the strategy didn’t meet similar levels from the prior year. In 2013, a total of $4 billion was raised, representing a dip of 40 percent in 2014. The largest debt fund was the AgFe Fixed Rate Senior Debt Fund, managed by AgFe, which gathered £1 billion.