Chart of the week: The decline of European debut private equity fund managers

First-time European managers of closed-ended private equity funds have raised less than half of the amount collected in 2010.

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 In April, PEI’s Research & Analytics team produced a chart of the week which analysed fundraising by European debut managers. We have re-evaluated this data to find out whether the trend remains the same at year end.

 In 2015, first-time European fund managers raised $2.8 billion from the close of 16 private equity vehicles. This is a decrease of $3.8 billion and 25 funds compared with 2010.

 When PEI’s Research & Analytics team first analysed this data in April, the 2015 figure stood at $200 million collected from the close of four funds. Therefore, despite an increase in capital raised and the number of funds closed between the time periods examined, the trend is still declining.

The largest private equity vehicle raised by a European debut manager in 2015 was Castik Capital’s EPIC I SLP. The Luxembourg-based manager had gathered $1.09 billion for its western European-focused buyout vehicle at final close in July.