Chart of the Week: Regional fundraising

On aggregate, fundraising exceeds target for Q1-Q3 2013 but this was not the case for all regions.  



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PERE’s fundraising numbers for the third quarter revealed that 165 funds held a final close in the first three quarters of 2013. The aggregate target of $62.3 billion was exceeded from fundraising, collecting $69.6 billion. However, not all regionally focused funds raised the amount they were targeting.

A third of the aggregate target came from 102 North American focused funds. Fundraising for the region surpassed its target collecting $25.6 billion, $4.4 billion ahead of the target. Colony American Homes Holdings, Realty Associates Fund X and KTR Industrial Fund III are the top three North American funds to have closed in 2013 to date, raising $5.02 billion.

Only 11 global funds closed in the first three quarters of 2013, but raised a massive $21 billion. Five of these funds accounted for $19.2 billion of this amount. Lone Star Fund VIII is the largest fund to close to date, raising $5.1 billion. Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners and Starwood Distressed Opportunity Fund IX surpassed its targets of $3.5 billion and £3 billion respectively. Both opportunistic funds collected $8.6 billion combined.

Western Europe and Latin American focused funds just fell short of its targets by $400 million and $300 million respectively. Invesco European Hotel Real Estate Fund II was the only Pan Europe fund from the possible four that closed below its target. No funds closed that were exposed to Middle East/Africa.