Chart of the Week: PERE 50 – Ranking Dynamics

North American-based firms account for 44 spots in the top 50

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This May, PERE published the 2015 PERE 50, a ranking of the largest raisers of direct investment capital for private equity real estate funds over a rolling five-year period. This year, the top 50 firms raised an aggregate of $223.9 billion between 1 January 2010 and 27 March 2015, a boost of 27 percent from last year when the top 50 firms raised a total of $176.5 billion between 2009 and March 2014.

Half of the top 50 managers rose from their previous placement in the rankings, 38 percent dropped from last year and eight percent remained in the same position. The remaining four percent are firms that debuted this year. Of the 25 firms that jumped up the ranking, 16 firms rose at least ten spots with Invesco Real Estate making the biggest jump (55 spots). Conversely, of the 19 firms that fell in the ranking, seven fell by at least 13 positions and 12 firms exited the top 50 altogether.

Geographically, this year’s ranking was less diverse than last year, with only four of the top 50 firms being based in Asia-Pacific compared to seven in 2014. Fewer Western European-based firms placed this year too. This shows the extent to which North America is dominating the private equity real estate space.