Chart of the Week: Number of Fund Managers by Number of Funds Closed (2008 – Q1 2015)

Firms with one fund close outnumbered firms with multiple fund closes

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Data from PERE Research & Analytics reveals that fund managers closing only one fund between 2008 and Q1 2015  raised, on average, $247.8 million. During this period, the number of GPs closing one fund was greater than the sum of the number of GPs that closed between two and ten funds.

As the number of fund closes increases by one, the number of fund managers decreases by half. For example, 450 fund managers raised $116 billion with one fund. In comparison, 221 fund managers closed two funds during this period and raised $136 billion in aggregate. While the aggregate figure drops to $93 billion for fund managers closing three funds, there were only 81 such fund managers in this category. This shows that the number of fund closings and the number of fund managers both affect aggregate average capital raised.